Decentralized Infrastructure Platforms



Infrastructure platforms are for national and international sale and can be used to serve as the core for economic development in small and medium sized communities, Free Trade Zones, industrial parks and resort communities. A platform Includes power generation, drinking water, telecommunications and waste treatment capabilities in one package prefabricated for quick delivery and assembly. The platforms are also modular to allow for addition of new capacity as the community’s economy grows. The platforms are manufactured by Total Water Solutions. The components are proven, reliable technologies engineered for minimum environmental impact.

A Complete Economic Development Package

• Four infrastructure elements in one unit

• Prefabricated for rapid assembly and connection

• Barge or skid mounted

• Modular for quick installation

• Lower installed costs then larger facilities

• Sized to fit communities of over 1,000 residents

• Ideal for free trade zones, resorts and industrial parks

Equipment Options

• Power and water distribution systems

• Extra fuel storage

• Maintenance service

• Hospital and clinic facility

• Maintenance crane

• Site security systems

• Full economic development program