Point of Use & Entry


Counter Top


• Designed to remove bad taste and odor from water. The unit includes an activated carbon cartridge which removes chemical contaminants (chlorine, pesticides, etc.), bad taste, and bad odor by absorption. This is a proven method for the removal of such contaminants.

• Designed to fit any countertop. Easily attaches to the sink tap to provide clean, filtered drinking water. The unit comes with a special diverter valve to replace the aerator currently on your tap. When filtered water is desired (for drinking, cooking, etc.), simply turn on your tap and pull the diverter valve’s piston knob “out.” This will “divert” your regular, unfiltered tap water through the filter unit..

• Countertop Cartridges effectively and economically filter the contaminants from your household water supply. These cartridges solve problems that were previously unsolvable without expensive and complex water treatment systems. Whether it is chlorine, taste & odor, or various heavy metals in your tap water, these disposable replacement cartridges ensure a healthy and satisfying solution

• UV and bracket-less options available


Under Counter

• Provides an assortment of point-of-use filtration methods designed to fit the varying needs of individual water supplies. Simple, easy-to-service, filtration systems that are both tailored to individual budgets, and effective in treating specific drinking water problems. The optional UV sterilization chamber is an ideal, chemical-free way of treating bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

• No storage tanks required

• Multiple filtration options available


Whole house Systems


• Features a computerized controller to meter the water flow for optimal cost savings. A precise blend of cation resin and  granular activated carbon is designed to remove calcium and magnesium, chlorine, taste, odor, and many other cations and chemical contaminants from the water stream. The ultraviolet design adds bacteriological safeguards to your water supply. The final stage has an advanced polymer, one micron sediment trap, capable of removing 99.98% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts from the water stream

Available in many different configurations

• With the advanced resin formula. Scale and iron could normally ruin pipes, water heaters, bathroom and sink fixtures. No more embarrassment or complaining about your water when friends and relatives visit