All-flo Pumps


Close-Coupled Pumps


• DIN24255 standardized close coupled pumps

• The pump and the electric motor have independent shafts, thus allowing standard motor use

• Space saving and cheaper alternative to standard end suction pumps

• Ease of maintenance


End Suction

• End suction pump, most sizes confirming to ISO2858

• Ease of maintenance

• Wide hydraulic coverage

• Various materials available

• Back slide cover construction facilitating servicing, rotor maybe withdrawn without disruption to suction and discharge pipes

• Applications: Any transfer or circulation of liquid. Handles clean or dirty liquids, and liquids with low viscosity. Liquid should not contain air or vapors


Horizontal Split-case pumps


• Double volute casing construction perfectly balances the radial forces, ensuring minimal shaft deflection lowered bearing

• Double suction impeller design appropriately balances the axial forces with each impeller balanced statically and dynamically in accordance with ISO1940

• Flanges are drilled to meet GB, ISO, DIN, BS or ANSI standards.

• Shaft sealing with uncoiled soft packing or single-action unbalanced mechanical seal in accordance with DIN 24960, independent of rotation direction. Balanced mechanical seal shall be applied for operating pressures higher than 16 Bar

• Applications: cooling water, plant make-up water, potable water distribution, fire pumps, pipelines, and other main process flows




• Horizontal and vertical options available

• Energy Efficient

• Ease of Maintenance

•Wide Range of applications

• Compact structure, light in weight, low noise

• Electronically-monitored cleaning with flexible control options

• Applications: Higher pressure services such as boiler feed water, condensate, pipelines, reverse osmosis, and decaling.


Sealless Pumps


• Available as magnetic drive or peristeltic

• Wide range of flow rates available

• Suitable for pumping a wide range of corrosive chemicals

• Various materials of construction available

• Sealless pumps require less maintenance, yet offer increased reliability and safety when operating

• Applications: Pumping chemicals, hydrocarbons, or other liquids that are difficult to seal, or where the consequences of leakage are serious. Pumping heat transfer fluids which are high temperature or which are prone to costly evaporative losses with traditional mechanical seals


Self-Priming pumps


• Designed for economical & trouble-free operation when handling solids-laden liquids and slurries

• Pumps will be able to handle up to 75mm spherical solids, depending on pump models. In case of pump shaft or bearings service or repair, the entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing pump casing or pipelines.

• Rotating assembly is sealed with an O-Ring, allowing for external clearance adjustments.

• Pumps feature a large volute design which allows them to re-prime automatically in a completely open system without the need of suction or discharge check valves. This is possible with the pump only partially filled with liquid and completely dry suction line

• Applications: Sump pumps and dewatering applications. Transfer services where pump must be located above the suction vessel


Submersible pumps


•Unique impeller design shall ensure a non-clog passage of sewage containing fibres and large solids

• Cutter/grinder can be equipped to handle raw and unscreened sewage applications

• Used in conjunction with the automatic coupling system, the below ground level wet installation is a particularly economical solution.

• Flood-proof motor with IP68 Protection class

The integrated and compact construction of the pumps greatly reduce operation noise and project construction cost without the need of a pump house. Energy-saving and easy to maintain.

• Incorporated water leakage detector and overheat switch work together to optimize the operation . A Float switch can be applied for automatic water level control

• Tunsten Carbide mechanical seals

• Applications: Sump pump services, effluent and sewage services ranging in size from products for homes to main sewage treatment plants


Vacuum Pumps


• Automatic pressure control to meet system resistance fluctuations

• Minimum & smooth flow changes when system pressure varies

• Delivered medium is free of oil

• Different seal combinations to meet requirements of varied media

• Applications: Sewage water treatment, Aquatic breeding, Petrochemical, Pharmacy, Foodstuff, Dyeing & Printing and metallurgic industries


Many more pumps are available at a multitude of different flow rates, please contact us with the specs required and we will size the correct pump for your application.