Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV)


Before RO


• All RO membranes are prone to fouling due to the presence of bacteria in the water. Fouling of the RO membrane will not allow the RO system to function and may also lead to frequent replacement of the membranes thus increasing your maintenance costs. Field trials and practical on site testing have proved beyond any doubt that installing a UV disinfection system before the RO membranes is beneficial as well as cost effective.


Commercial Compact

• Drinking water systems for Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Canteens, Commercial Buildings, Residential buildings, Individual Bunglows etc. These systems will have a micron pre filtration system followed by Activated Carbon Filtration and finally an UV system.




• For use in various industrial process where the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses is not acceptable. Depending on individual industry needs we can provide all the industries with suitable Ultraviolet Disinfection solutions. High flow to very high flow UV models are available for each and every application.


In-Line Automatic self cleaning UV sterilizers


• Flow: 1-1000m3/h

• UV quartz sleeve penetration rate over 90%

• High Bactericidal Efficiency ≥ 99%

• No Secondary Pollution

• Safe and Reliable Operation

• Simple Operation and Maintenance



• People usually feel that boiled water is safe and the procedure is very simple. However, boiled water cannot kill all the germs and this makes us understand the importance of water purifiers which is a result of advancement of technology. Steripen uses the UV purification process to make the water clean and pure to consume.

Quick and easy treatment in time of emergency

• Available in battery operated and side winder

• Paper filter is provided to remove suspended particulate

• Accessories such as a solar charger are available


Wastewater Disinfection


• Due to the various advantages of the Advanced Teflon tube technology, our UV systems give consistent performance with very low maintenance .Wastewater disinfection with UV does not have any effect on the Ecosystem of the river or dam into which the wastewater is discharged as there is no residual effect with UV treatment.

• With a Teflon® based system, the fluid flows through Teflon® tubes with germicidal UV Lamps placed outside the tubes. Ultraviolet rays pass through the UV transmitting Teflon® tubes into the fluid and disinfects it.

• Our system does not use quartz sleeves so there are no expensive breakages to worry about

• UV lamps are external to the tubes meaning the electrical system is isolated from the water flow

• Teflon has non fouling and non stick properties which lowers maintenance as there are no wipers

• Easy to change lamps, no moving parts, require much less maintenance then regular UV systems