Wastewater Treatment



Belt presses


• Small Footprint

• High efficiency

• Adjustable belt pressure

• Simple yet affective belt tracking system

• Open or closed side frame configuration


Circular & rectangular DAF Units

High volume of bubbles per liter increases the chance of bubbles attaching themselves to suspended floc, eliminating increased chemical addition and mixing, reducing operation expense necessary with conventional clarification to achieve larger, heavier floc that will settle.

Quality effluent achievable within 45 minutes of start-up, ideal where daily flow variations occur and continuous operation of full plant capacity is not needed. Ideal for automatic start-up and shut-down, minimizing operator costs. .

• DAF units can be applied successfully to a range of different waters, wastewaters and sludges and demonstrate certain specific advantages over more conventional solids removal processes. DAF plants can be designed to be small, compact and robust systems with a high rate of operation

Applications: Water treatment, Watstewater Treatment, Food Manufacturing, Oil Field Produced Water, Metal Finishing, Cargo & Car Wash, Mining, Brewery, Vegetable oil Production.




Diffused Air Systems


• Energy Saving, higher oxygen transfer efficiencies maintained over the long term will improve effluent quality and permit greater process flows

• Available in fine and course bubble systems

• High Quality MOC

• Cost Effective


high rate biotowers

Horizontal Aerators

rbc replacement

• HDPE plastic media is used which is UV blocked and high strength, Lasts far longer then competitors media

• HDPE is recyclable, as when the media reaches the end of its life aiding in the protection of the environment

• The new media is arranged in replaceable modules such that individual modules can be replaced without replacing the entire media pack

• Due to the compartmented design of the media, TWS media has a high specific area per unit volume. This feature allows easy upgrades to existing plants without changes to concrete tanks associated with the RBC section of the plant


RotorClear RBC Package Plants

• Low noise

• Low maintenance

• Very low power consumption compared to other processes

• Minimal operator input due to stable process, RotorClear package plants can also be fully automated and fitted with an SMS notification system to notify key personnel of any faults immediately

• Treats to SA standard or NR option for high spec treated water

• Great for seasonal flows from caravan parks, resorts etc, as RBC reacts very well to shock loads

• Small foot print and low environmental impact

• Modular design for ease of upgrades in the future

• Industries: domestic waste, landfill leachate, Municipal waste, mines, dairies, cheese producers, large bakeries, wineries, distilleries, abattoir's, poultry processing. They have also been used in applications treating wastewater from petroleum refining facilities, steel mill blast furnace blowdown, and chemical plant effluent

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Vertical Spindle Aerators